Nonlinear Infrared Plasmonic Waveguide Arrays 2020

Nonlinear infrared plasmonic waveguide arrays.

Jul 22, 2019 · In a pure plasmonic modulator, the presence or absence of a plasmonic pump wave controls the amplitude of a plasmonic probe wave through a channel. Abstract: We investigate the plasmonic lattice solitons PLSs in nonlinear graphene sheet arrays GSAs composed of spatially separated graphene sheets embedded in dielectric. Both the nonlinearities of graphene and dielectric are considered. The self-focusing PLSs at the Brillouin zone.

Enhanced Nonlinear Optical Effects with a Tapered Plasmonic Waveguide. Received October 17, 2006; Revised Manuscript Received December 14, 2006 ABSTRACT Infrared surface plasmon polaritons SPPs are concentrated in a laterally tapered planar Ag waveguide. The near field of SPPs excited with. hole array in the film with a focused beam of. Jul 15, 2018 · Nonlinear plasmonic metasurfaces allow for strong light–matter interaction not found in natural materials. High efficiency wavelength conversion can be achieved from a single ultrathin layer 0.45%, and greater functionality is also possible such as beam steering and focusing. Nonlinear Surface Lattice Resonance in Plasmonic Nanoparticle Arrays Lior Michaeli,1,2, Shay Keren-Zur,1 Ori Avayu,1 Haim Suchowski,2,3 and Tal Ellenbogen1,3 1Department of Physical Electronics, Faculty of Engineering, Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv 6779801, Israel 2Raymond and Beverly Sackler School of Physics & Astronomy, Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv 6779801, Israel. Abstract.In order to determine the spectral position of highest sensitivity, we perform linear and third harmonic spectroscopy on plasmonic nanoantenna arrays, which are the fundamental building blocks of our sensor. Furthermore, simultaneous detection of linear and nonlinear signals allows quantitative comparison of both methods.

Plasmonic structures fabricated on graphene enhance the interaction of the incident optical field with the graphene sheet, and the impact of graphene is much stronger at mid-infrared wavelengths. Full-wave simulations, where graphene is modeled as a 1 nm thick effective medium, show excellent agreement with experimental results. Jun 27, 2018 · Thus, metallic nanostructures have found widespread use for optical sensors [34–40], nonlinear plasmonic nanodevices [41–46], metallic nanotips for near-field optical microscopy [47–50], nanoscale antennae [51, 52], surface probing via linear and nonlinear scattering of SPPs [53–55], and basic building blocks of complex plasmonic systems, such as Y-splitters, Mach–Zehnder. plasmonic waveguide can operate at the O-band or the C-band, depending on the geometrical parameters. The FDTD simulation parameters have been listed in Table 1. 3. Transmission performances of gold nano-elliptic rings array in plasmonic waveguide In this section, plasmonic waveguides are de signed taking into a ccount the Au nano-el

Topological edge modes in non-Hermitian plasmonic waveguide arrays SHAOLIN KE, 1 BING WANG,1, HUA LONG,1 KAI WANG,1 AND PEIXIANG LU1,2,3 1Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics and School of Physics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074, China 2Laboratory of Optical Information Technology, Wuhan Institute of Technology, Wuhan 430205,. Plasmonic lattice solitons in nonlinear graphene sheet arrays.Zhouqing Wang, Bing Wang, Hua Long, Kai Wang, and Peixiang Lu. Zhouqing Wang,1 Bing Wang,1, Hua Long,1 Kai Wang,1 and Peixiang Lu1,2,3. 1Wuhan National Laboratory for Optoelectronics and School of Physics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Wuhan 430074, China.

Nonlinear infrared plasmonic waveguide arrays Request PDF.

In particular, several nonlinear optical processes have been demon-strated in plasmonic nanostructures, e.g. optical limiting and self-phase modulation in arrays of structured nanoparticles [4] or second-harmonic generation in nanostructured metal films [5,6]. The simplest plasmonic waveguide is an interface between metal and dielectric that sup Excitation of collective plasmonic modes and their effect on optical behavior are experimentally and theoretically studied in 1D arrays of gold nanostrips in comparison with continuous gold films with periodically modulated profile. In strips, the angular dependence of the reflectivity demonstrates a peak at the resonance condition as opposed to a dip observed in continuous sine wave gratings. May 12, 2014 · Here we report the experimental observation of discrete diffraction and Bloch oscillations of surface plasmon polaritons in evanescently coupled plasmonic waveguide arrays. This is 4-5 orders of magnitude larger than the efficiencies observed for nonlinear thin films and doubly resonant plasmonic antennas. The proposed metasurface consists of an array of metal-dielectric-metal MDM nanocavities formed by conformally cross-linked. The rich photonic world of plasmonic nanoparticle arrays. have focused on NP arrays made from Au and Ag because of their strong optical responses over the visible and near-infrared NIR wavelengths; arrays made from Al,. and polariton lasing, and physical phenomena originating from non-linear interactions of exciton–polaritons are.

We investigate plasmonic mode propagation in nonlinear binary plasmonic waveguide arrays composed of two kinds of metal slabs alternately embedded in nonlinear dielectric materials, and. carried out on the propagation of plasmonic wave in a two-dimensional graphene [5,6]. The grapheme-based plasmonic nanostructures surrounding the plasmonic wave in small sizes, which are adjustable with the chemical potential and gate voltage, can be used to fabricate the integrated plasmonic devices in the range of infrared to terahertz [7-9].

  1. Jan 09, 2016 · Abstract.We show such plasmonic waveguide arrays can significantly enhance nonlinear optical interactions when operating in a high-index, tightly bound supermode. For example, a third-order nonlinear coefficient in such a waveguide can be more than three orders of magnitude larger compared to silicon waveguides of similar dimensions.
  2. infrared plasmonics, plasmonic waveguides, nonlinear plasmonics, waveguide theory, waveguide arrays ABSTRACT The large negative permittivity of noble metals in the infrared region prevents the possibility of highly confined plasmons in simple waveguide structures such as thin films or rods.

We investigate plasmonic mode propagation in nonlinear binary plasmonic waveguide arrays composed of two kinds of metal slabs alternately embedded in nonlinear dielectric materials, and numerically obtain soliton solutions with different symmetries. In particular, we find discrete gap solitons with strong transverse confinements reaching the scale of 10 nm.
The nonlinear plasmonic behavior of the nanohole arrays is studied by using picosecond pulsed excitation at near-infrared wavelengths. The characteristic nonlinear signals indicating two-photon excited luminescence TPEL, sum frequency generation, second harmonic generation, and four-wave mixing FWM are observed. ability of plasmonic resonances over a wide spectral range, from visible wavelengths to the infrared regime.16,43 Fur-thermore, periodic arrangement of the nanorods enables radiative engineering of plasmonic excitations.16,44 The antenna arrays can support collective excitations leading to spectrally narrower far-field extinction resonances. Mid-infrared second-harmonic generation in ultra-thin plasmonic. and metallic nanoantenna arrays []. In particular, 4. of the plasmonic nonlinear metasurfaces under study. a Top–down view 200 nm below the top gold of the E z field distribution normalized to.

NANO LETTERS Enhanced Nonlinear Optical Effects with a.

limiter based on coupled nonlinear plasmonic waveguides to operate at an off resonant band [20]. In this paper, we propose a simple all-optical plasmonic limiter based on a nonlinear slow light waveguide. The properties of the plasmonic slow light waveguide are numerically studied. It is found that this plasmonic. GAO ET AL.VOL.9’ NO. 6 ’ 5968 Œ 5975 ’ 20155968 r 23, 2015 C 2015 American Chemical Society Optics and Nonlinear Buckling Mechanics in Large-Area, Highly Stretchable Arrays of Plasmonic. Multi-wavelength mid-infrared plasmonic antennas with single nanoscale focal point Romain Blanchard,1 Svetlana V. Boriskina,2 Patrice Genevet,1,3 Mikhail A. Kats,1 Jean- Philippe Tetienne,1 Nanfang Yu,1 Marlan O. Scully,3 Luca Dal Negro,4 and Federico Capasso1, 1School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Harvard University, 9 Oxford Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts. Oct 08, 2016 · AbstractUltracompact chip-integrated all-optical diode is realized experimentally in a plasmonic microstructure, consisting of a plasmonic waveguide side-coupled two asymmetric plasmonic composite nanocavities covered with a multicomponent nanocomposite layer, formed directly in a plasmonic circuit. Extremely large optical nonlinearity enhancement is obtained for the. Nov 15, 2016 · AbstractAs modern complementary-metal-oxide-semiconductor CMOS circuitry rapidly approaches fundamental speed and bandwidth limitations, optical platforms have become promising candidates to circumvent these limits and facilitate massive increases in computational power. To compete with high density CMOS circuitry, optical technology within the plasmonic regime is.

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